Octopus $OTS is a community driven project based on Binance Smart Chain #BSC.

$OTS comes at a time when the Meme Token trend is gaining popularity and too much scam token. However, we make a difference with specific goals now and in the future.
OctopusRise token holders benefit through static rewards and also through the automatic Buy-Back process built into the contract

When the Buy-Back function is turned on, the contract automatically buys back and burns tokens after every sell.

Watch Video What and How it work

Why invest in OctopusRise ?


> After presale we will locked liquidity for 1 year

Raise in Value

> After the tokens from the Liquidity pool are bought, the new BNB amount is added to the pool and the amount of the tokens are reduced, which results in an increase in price.

Free BNB

> Once those tokens are burnt, it is like adding free BNB to the pool as there are no tokens to sell in the future.

Trust & Reliability

> Investors can be relentlessly hesitant and often get spooked by a bearish market.
> Because of the automatic buyback, investors will never see more than 2 sells in a row


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Our Roadmap

July, 2021

Start of the Token Platform Development.

July, 2021

Launch Website


Marketing push to spread awareness

July, 2021

OctopusRise is Born!

Launch The Private Sale

Listing Coinsniper

July, 2021

Gain community support and relaunch with more power

Influencer marketing push

Listing on pancakeswap

August, 2021

dApp integration

Listing on coin gecko

August, 2021

Launchpad for new projects with automatic bot-protection

September, 2021

More holders

Additional CEX Listings

Octorber, 2021

Release NFT market place

Frequently asked questions

What is the long-term goal behind OctopusRise?

Cryptocurrency, in general, is a risky market. Most do not invest more than they can afford to lose. We have a lot going on in the works! Check out our whitepaper it's the best place to check what we have

OctopusRise token holders benefit through static rewards and also through the automatic Buy-Back process built into the contract.

If a stock has low value and the potential to perform better in the future, companies will often announce a buyback of the stock in the open market.
Once companies announce the buyback, investors gain more confidence to purchase and hold.

Once Private period is launched, You can purchased Token with BNB. simply send Bnb to our wallet

Legal Disclaimer

The OctopusRise team does not recommend, instigate, or force you to purchase cryptocurrency. In other words, if you decide to purchase a cryptocurrency, it was done under your sole discretion. As a user of our interface and platform, you must do your own research and consult with investment professionals before to making any decisions. By purchasing and using the OctopusRise platform, you are formally agreeing to the following:
1) The team is harmless and not liable for any loss of your funds or additional federal taxations that may occur.
2) You have done your due diligence in understanding the nature of the Rinnegan token ecosystem.
3) You understand the governing laws and regulations from the country you are in and which crypto commodities may or may not fall within the regulatory bounds before any purchase.

Although cryptocurrency is becoming a popular way for individuals to use as securities, please note the high volatility that is involved in trading, investing, staking, and purchasing crypto commodities. There are always high risks associated with smart-contracts. Everything that you are provided with through our platform is for informational and educational purposes. All information claimed or provided, should be independently confirmed, researched, and verified. The MOONERY team cannot be held accountable for damage or loss due to reliance on the information provided. Lastly:
1) Understand the risks involved.
2) Consult a professional financial advisor.
3) Only use the money you can afford to lose.

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